Tech Spotlight: Widex Moment

Tech Spotlight: Widex Moment

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“Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid – until now.”

Recently, Widex introduced the newest hearing aid to their lineup, the Widex MOMENT. What makes the Widex MOMENT so revolutionary, is that it delivers truly pure and natural sound. It is being celebrated as the hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid.

Most of the time, sounds heard through a hearing aid are slightly delayed in hitting the eardrum when compared to direct sound. Although this tiny delay does not necessarily impact one’s ability to hear, it can cause the world to sound a little bit unnatural, artificial, or metallic. Widex has been able to eliminate this problem with their groundbreaking, new, lightning-fast technology.

Understanding the Widex MOMENT technology

“A BREAKTHROUGH everyone can hear.”

The MOMENT is able to eliminate the delay (and unnatural sound) usually caused by typical hearing aid processing thanks to the ultrafast ZeroDelay™ pathway on the patented Widex platform, Widex PureSound™.

The ZeroDelay pathway is able to decrease this delay down to an incredible and indiscernible 0.5 milliseconds. This extremely, lightning fast technology virtually eliminates the delay that is responsible for making hearing aids sound distorted, unnatural, artificial, or metallic.

Studies show people prefer the Widex MOMENT and PureSound

“People LOVE the sound.”

Recently, an independent study looked at the Widex MOMENT’s PureSound technology and tested it against standard digital hearing aids in the same category. The study concluded that a vast majority of participants preferred using the Widex hearing aid technology over the standard across a multitude of sound environments, including quiet soft sounds, the user’s own voice, speech, and traffic.

On top of a strong preference for this technology over the competitors in different sound environments, the majority of participants also responded that their overall preference was for the PureSound technology as well. In fact, an exit survey revealed that 85% of the hearing loss group and 100% of the normal hearing group expressed a preference for PureSound over all competing technologies (

Other notable features of the Widex MOMENT


The Widex MOMENT isn’t only special for its ZeroDelay and PureSound technologies. The MOMENT also claims the coveted titles as the most discreet and smallest rechargeable lithium ion hearing aid in the entire world.

“Built to LAST.”

Even though it is power packed with impressive technology, and extremely discreet – the Widex MOMENT was also engineered with durability in mind. The MOMENT is designed to reduce water damage with smart engineering, and an advanced water-resistant nano coating. Being rechargeable, means there is no battery door either, and no battery door means less cracks and opportunities for moisture to sneak in.

The entire MOMENT family

The Widex MOMENT comes in a variety of styles and colors. The MOMENT comes in six models. Three in-the-ear (ITE) models and three receiver-in-canal (RIC) models. The different models are appropriate for different listeners based on a variety of circumstances, including comfortability with controlling the aid from a smartphone app, personal preference, and unique hearing profile.

Is the Widex MOMENT right for me?

Reading about the latest hearing aid to hit the market usually makes people feel really excited about how the latest and greatest can improve their life. This excitement is awesome and definitely encouraged!

If you are interested in learning more about the Widex MOMENT and exploring if the MOMENT is the right hearing aid for you, reach out to us at Hearing Wellness Solutions.  

We will start with a comprehensive hearing assessment and a brief conversation so we can better understand your unique needs and individual hearing profile. Next, we will look at a variety of factors, including personal preferences, budget, hearing profile, degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and preferred technology. Then, we will explore the many hearing aid options – including the Widex MOMENT, if you’re interested – and work together to find the solution that is the best match for you.