Can’t Hear on the Phone?

Can’t Hear on the Phone?

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Trouble Hearing on the Phone?

I was presented with this question recently from a dear patient of mine, Jane, and thought I would share with you.

“Candace, I can hear my calls just fine if I place them on speaker but so can everyone else in the room. Is there anything else I can do to hear my phone calls and keep it private ?”

Well, to start, there are numerous options to help with communication needs on the telephone, some even free. I will stick to this particular case and her solution for today. Jane is very active and self-employed, she uses her smartphone for all of her phone calls and would never be caught without her phone/mini computer! I had recently seen her for a follow-up visit and recommended an upgrade on her much older pair of hearing aids. She agreed and we moved forward with a demo of new technology. See, the really COOL thing about hearing aids today is they work with our most common smartphones! How does that work you may be wondering? You can stream your phone calls through your hearing aids, use your phone as a remote for them and even adjust treble and bass through one of the apps! See, that is really cool! Jane was able to start hearing her phone calls clearly in both ears direct through her hearing aids and even control the volume with her cell phone. She was ecstatic with the demo and was eager to play with her app and new hearing aids! Jane enjoyed the freedom of choice with her programming and the ease of use.

I know this is only one example of hearing help on the phone and may not be a fit for you. As I mentioned, there are numerous options to help improve communication on the phone and it is always best to consult with a hearing professional that can navigate and find the right solution for your specific needs. For more information on hearing wellness and solutions for your lifestyle, check back with us here or go like our Facebook page . Also, feel free to contact me with your questions- or 417-887-8499. Until then, take good care of your ears!

– Candace Wawra