Oticon Hearing Aids in Springfield

About Oticon

Founded in 1904 in Denmark, Oticon is one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Oticon is driven by their “people first” mission, rooted in its company history. With research and development from the Ericksholm Research Institute, Oticon hearing aids embody a combination of heightened personalization of hearing aid features and cutting edge technology that continues to push the envelope for hearing aid design.

Oticon Real™
Oticon Alta hearing aids in a hand

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Stay sharp in the real world

Introducing Oticon Real™

Laughter, a crowd cheering, or even a conversation with a friend or loved one helps to shape our lives, adding richness and texture to all our experiences. When hearing works like it should, your brain gets the rich input it needs to understand the sounds around you. But when your brain lacks access to the real sounds of life due to a hearing problem, it’s forced to work harder to fill in the gaps, which can be tiring. In addition, you could miss out on something special.
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Set of 4 different colored Oticon hearing aids

Now you can get back the real sounds of life — precise and balanced — with Oticon Real, delivering:

  • Technology that supports how the brain naturally processes sounds

  • Better access to the full sound scene

  • Increased awareness, engagement, and focus in the real world

Life-changing technology — made for you

Oticon Own™

Designed for discreetness, Oticon Own offers you a truly personalized listening experience.

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Made to be discreet

The smallest Oticon Own hearing aid is made to be unnoticed — in fact it is invisible in 9 out of 10 ears.

Made to support the brain

Gives your brain access to the full sound environment, so it works more effectively and naturally.

Made to hear naturally

World’s first in-the-ear hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network** trained on 12 million real‑life sounds.

Made to connect

Enjoy two-way hands-free communication with select iPhone® & iPad® devices and direct streaming from select Android™ devices.

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Are these devices right for you?

Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation with Hearing Instrument Specialist, Candace Wawra. She will evaluate your current hearing abilities and help you decide if Oticon hearing aids are the best aids for you.