Widex Hearing Aids in Springfield

Founded in 1956, Widex is a Danish manufacturer that distributes hearing aids to more than 100 countries. Inspired by the full spectrum of natural sounds, Widex hearing aids are known for their legendary “Widex Sound,” which provides the wearer with a rich listening experience that reflects the world around them.

Widex’s mission is to provide hearing solutions that are easy to use and seamlessly integrated into daily life, to enable people to hear naturally. Over the decades, Widex has become a frontrunner in developing digital technology for hearing aids. Widex was one of the first hearing aid manufacturers to offer a fully digital hearing aid with wireless technology. In 2012, Widex received the European Inventor Award for their advancements to hearing devices.

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Delivers the most pure, natural sound ever.

Even a great hearing aid has always sounded like a hearing aid – until now. The revolutionary WIDEX MOMENT changes the game to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound. But now you can hear every moment - like you used to.

Users prefer the real life sound of Widex MOMENT. Widex surveyed 101 users who tried out MOMENT across situations in their daily lives and 91% agreed that the sound was more satisfactory and lifelike when compared to their existing hearing aids. Are you tired of hearing aid ‘revolutions’ that no one can hear? We are. That’s why WIDEX MOMENT makes a real difference to your hearing in real life. Tests show that a large majority of both new and experienced users prefer the Widex PureSound™ program in WIDEX MOMENT™ across different sound scenarios.

Rechargeability: Convenience is discreet with WIDEX MOMENT. Although the mRIC model is the market’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid, you can rest easy knowing you’ll have all the power you need to hear every moment. No struggling with hearing aid batteries. Just a slim, simple charger that fits your life.
widex moment
Built to Last: WIDEX MOMENT is designed to reduce the risk of moisture damage. Because less corrosion means more durability. You’ll welcome advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering. When there’s no battery door, there are also fewer gaps for moisture to sneak into.
WIDEX MOMENT is available in three Behind-the-ear models and three In-the-ear models. We can help you choose the ideal model for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

Are Widex hearing aids right for you?

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