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Unitron: Company Overview

unitron hearing aids

Founded in 1964, Unitron is a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer linked with Sonova Group, a global provider of hearing instruments. Founded in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario (aka Canada’s Silicon Valley), Unitron is committed to making life better through innovation. Unitron partners with the National Centre for Audiology at Western University in Canada to test hearing instruments on real patients and receive feedback from audiologists and product experts. This research shapes Unitron hearing instruments, which treat a wide range of hearing loss and are available to meet diverse needs of hearing aid users.


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Unitron Stride MR Charging Charger

Unitron Rechargeables

Unitron now offers rechargeable solutions in three models: Moxi Move R, Moxi Jump R T, and Moxi Jump R. With a simple overnight charge in the Unitron recharging station, wake up to a full day of listening with your hearing aids.

Moxi Jump is a sophisticated new device from Unitron, with Made for iPhone connectivity and hands-free operation. Powered by the Discover Next platform, Moxi Jump R T and Jump R join Unitron’s illustrious family of Made for iPhone and rechargeable hearing aids.

Moxi All

Easily connects to any mobile phone.

Moxi All is the only rechargeable hearing aid that allows it’s users to directly connect to ALL mobile phones. NOW just the iPhone.

  • Amazing sound quality in all conversations
  • Rechargeable options
  • Hands-free calls with no streamer

Tempus: driving conversations

Tempus is Unitron’s newest platform aimed to help patients solve their biggest complaints around conversations. The extremely high performance of Tempus conquers the listening environments that patients find the most challenging – conversations in noise and crowds.

Unitron Moxi All


With Unitron’s Flex:Upgrade, you no longer have to worry about purchasing a new set of hearing aids should your hearing worsen. Knowing you can upgrade your hearing instrument to another level at any time gives our patients a piece of mind. Contact us today for more information about the Flex:Upgrade program.

Charge every night for a full day of listening.

Introducing: Moxi Fit R. After just 5-7 hours of charging they’re ready to perform for a full 24 hours. Simply pull the rechargeables out of the charger and put them on.

All of Unitron’s rechargeable solutions are powered by Tempus, the newest platform that is the best in conversations.

rechargeable hearing aids from Unitron

Unitron Hearing Aid Styles & Features

Unitron’s newest hearing aid is the Moxi, powered by the North Platform. Moxi hearing aids have a long battery life and a discreet design. It features Speech Zone 2, which focuses microphones to speech from any direction; Binaural Spatial Processing, which simulates natural binaural hearing between two hearing aids to determine the direction from which a sound comes; SoundNav; Sound Conductor, which balances speech understanding and comfort with natural sound quality; and Automatic Adaptation Manager, which allows wearers to transition comfortably between environments. Moxi is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid.

Unitron Moxi Now close up

Other Unitron hearing aids include the Stride (behind-the-ear and in-the-ear) and the Max, a “Super Power” hearing aid designed specifically to address severe to profound hearing loss. The Max improves speech intelligibility for people experience severe to profound levels of hearing loss. The Max is a behind-the-ear hearing aid.

Unitron hearing aid features include: AntiShock, a technology which tempers the sharp sounds of voices, slams, bangs, etc. in any environment;

SmartFocus, which enables wearers to hone in on the sounds they want to here in challenging environments, such as a conversation in a busy restaurant; and SmartAlert, which wirelessly connects to alarm and security systems in your home to keep you well-connected and safe.

Most Unitron hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth capability, enabling wearers to connect wirelessly to home entertainment systems, personal electronic devices, and smartphones for expanded accessibility.

TrueFit Software & Flex

With a people-focused mission, Unitron offers TrueFit Software and a Flex program, which allows hearing aid wearers to test-drive hearing aids to find their best fit.

TrueFit Software allows hearing aid wearers and their hearing specialists to hone in on the specific hearing needs. Hearing is an incredibly personal process, and it also takes time to determine the best fit. The Log It All feature archives data from the wearer’s experience throughout the day and over weeks. This provides hearing specialists with the ability to track hearing needs and identify problem spots. This assists hearing specialists in tailoring the hearing aid to meet the wearer’s needs.

weekly listening environments chart

With Flex, Unitron offers customers the opportunity to experience their hearing aids on a trial basis, in addition to in-clinic counseling during the transitional time, with the option to make adjustments and try other models before settling on the best hearing instrument for their needs.

North Platform

unitron moxi north

The North Processing Platform powers all Unitron hearing aids, providing clearer sound signals and improved sound quality for the hearing aid wearer. North offers SoundNav, an automatic program that analyzes and classifies sound in different environments. Speech recognition is a focus of the North Platform, with four channels designed to specifically address conversation: conversation in quiet, in a crowd, and in noise. SoundNav also balances sounds in different environments, to provide comfort both in noise and quiet.


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