When to Update Your Hearing Aid

When to Update Your Hearing Aid

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Think back to the first time you tried on your new hearing aids. Remember what the world around you sounded like? You may have heard sounds that you’d forgotten about with hearing loss.

If you’ve had your hearing aids for some time, chances are you may not notice that you need to update your hearing aids. Hearing aids tend to have a lifespan of five to seven years. In this time, your hearing abilities and needs may change. In this instance, you may consider updating our hearing aids. Here are a few reasons you may consider updating your hearing aids. 

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

When you were fitted for your current pair of hearing aids, your hearing specialist worked with you to identify the environments you most often find yourself in, and found the best solution to address the specific hearing needs you have.

If your life has changed significantly since you were last fitted for hearing aids, you may want to try a new pair. You may have changed jobs, or picked up new hobbies that require different listening features. For example, you may have gotten a new job in an office with an open floor plan – which tends to be louder than closed offices. To meet new acoustic needs, you may want to look for a different hearing aid solution.

If you’ve become more active, there are hearing aids on the market built with higher IP ratings, which repels moisture and sweat and ensures that your devices are well-protected. If you find yourself on the road more often, in a car, you may be interested in hearing aids with Bluetooth compatibility, which allows you to stream phone calls directly to your ears and ensures that you can concentrate on the road.

Talk to us at Hearing Wellness Solutions about how new hearing aids can accommodate new changes in your life. 

Your Hearing Abilities Have Changed

Our sense of hearing is always changing. Even if you’ve sought treatment for your hearing loss, you know the importance of taking annual hearing tests. This ensures that if changes are detected, we can address them right away.

If you’ve been turning up the volume on your aids, and if the functions you rely on are not working as well as before, it could be that your hearing abilities have changed. Come visit us at Hearing Wellness Solutions for a new hearing test.

Additionally, if your dexterity abilities have changed, there are hearing aids on the market to accommodate your needs. You may have begun to find it difficult to change your hearing aid batteries. There are many rechargeable hearing aid solutions on the market that do not require regular battery changes – simply pop them into their charger overnight and wake up to freshly powered hearing aids.

Your Hearing Aids are Malfunctioning

Hearing aids are very powerful, well-constructed little devices. We rely on our hearing aids every day, and they tend to deliver, but even hearing aids are subject to wear and tear. For minor repairs and maintenance checks, give us a call at Hearing Wellness Solutions. We provide professional care for your devices.

If you’ve noticed that your hearing aids are malfunctioning more often than not, it may be time for an update. Hearing aids tend to last between five and seven years. If you’re nearing this upper limit, contact us for a consultation.

You Want the Best in New Technology

In the past few years, hearing aid technology has seen an incredible renaissance. Now, more than ever, there are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and extraordinarily powerful devices available on the market. From smartphone-compatible programs to automatic adjustments to enhanced speech and music listening, today’s hearing aids are as close to “mini computers” as you can get.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we’re missing! New hearing aid technology helps us to hear our best – rather than to just hear better. For example, did you know that there is a GPS hearing aid feature? This feature archives your preferences with a geo-tag for whatever location you are in, and when you return to this saved location, your hearing aids will make automatic adjustments. You don’t have to lift a finger for a natural and seamless listening experience!

If you think your hearing aids are due for an update or to learn more about the newest in hearing aid technology, contact us at Hearing Wellness Solutions.